Los Angeles Celebrity Hair Stylist Billy Lowe

Celebrity Hair Stylist & National Beauty Expert, Billy Lowe

Billy Lowe, is an elite talent responsible for creating extraordinary beauty on and off the red carpet. Providing hair and beauty services for private clients and special events around the world, Billy Lowe loves all things beauty. From Red Carpet hair styling to infomercials and special events, Lowe has a nack for the world of health and beauty. He has been featured and quoted in countless media sources around the world, and he is one of the most sought after beauty professionals today. He has made guest appearances on hit reality shows like TLC's 10 Years Younger and he is a season regular on popular daytime talk shows and news segments such as the Hallmark Home and Family Show, as well as KCAL News Los Angeles.

"Billy Lowe made this shoot a blazing success! The actors never looked so great!"
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Hollywood Hair Stylist & Beauty Expert

Hollywood Hair Stylist

Billy Lowe has served as a leading Hollywood hair stylist for television, film, Red Carpet events, Hollywood celebrities and Foreign Royalty. He has been called upon by countless production studios in Hollywood to deliver that perfect Hollywood Glow time and time again.
National Beauty Expert and Consultant

Beauty Insider News

Tune in to today's top talk shows and news segments and catch Billy Lowe's top Hollywood Hair Styling and Beauty Tips, teaching you how to get "Runway Ready."
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Hollywood Makeovers & Beauty Television

With guest appearances in television and print, Billy Lowe has also worked on countless episodes of leading makeover shows and has helped create national sweepstakes prize give aways for major brand and product launch campaigns. Thinking about a makeover? What about an annual employee appreciation gift? We'll create something special just for you.
Product launch special events with Billy Lowe

Health & Beauty Industry Consulting

Top ad agencies, production companies and special event firms rely on Billy Lowe's gift for consumer products and engagement. He helped bring the modern day eyelash extension trend to the US in 2005, 06 and 07 and was a huge support to the launch of Clarisonic products and services. He has also consulted for companies who want to pitch their products to QVC or grow in the "on-air" world.
Gloss and Toss Professional Hair Care

Gloss & Toss Professional Hair Care

With 30+ years in Health and Beauty leadership, Billy Lowe can say, wish some authority, that he knows his way around this playground. A solid footing in health and beauty consumer products as well as life on the red carpet lead him to the launch of his own line GLOSS & TOSS PROFESSIONAL HAIR CARE.


Billy Lowe has worked for many years as a leader in health and beauty industries as a top Hollywood Hair Stylist, as well as a trusted brand Ambassador for global beauty accounts. To his credit, he helped bring the eyelash extension trend to the United States in 2005-06-07, was called upon to support next product launch phases for Clarisonic, has been a cornerstone for Hollywood media calls for vanity services, and those are just a few examples of his contributions to the health and beauty world. From shelf to sink - Billy Lowe is a trusted name and his career milestones are a sure testament of his work.

"Clarisonic became a huge success because of people like Billy Lowe. Very few have the ability to cut through the media format and leave audiences with a resonant reaction. Billy Lowe, as we quickly learned, has just that talent!"

The makers of Clarisonic.

Professional hair products for Hollywood hair results

Through the years Billy Lowe has remained relevant and on the pulse of all things beauty. His belief that "Beauty should be approachable" also carries out in his brand Gloss & Toss Hair Care. Lowe has always worked to demystify the world of Hollywood beauty to make products, tips and services available to everyone, practically everywhere. If you're traveling to Los Angeles or Southern California and you're looking for hair cut or color services, please schedule your appointment with Billy Lowe. A variety of other services are available on the SERVICES PAGE here on this site.
Customers can order Gloss & Toss hair products by visiting glossandtoss.net or by visiting the Gloss & Toss section here on this website. The most complete and up-to-date product details can be found at the Gloss & Toss website but we're pleased to feature basic details about one of the best hair care brands on the market.