Los Angeles Hair Stylist Billy Lowe

National Beauty Exert - Founder of Gloss & Toss Professional Hair Products

Billy Lowe, an elite talent responsible for creating extraordinary beauty on and off the red carpet, is one of the most sought after professionals in the beauty industry. He has been featured in hundreds of magazines and news articles around the world and has made numerous guest appearances on hit TV shows such as TLC’s 10 Years Younger and MTV’s Made. Whether you’re planning a make-over event, looking for today’s hottest beauty tips, or simply want to address looking your best on the job, Billy Lowe is the perfect choice for all your beauty and special event needs.

Over the years, Billy Lowe has presented solutions for Beauty Expos, Retail Sales Drives, Product Launches, Hosting and Beauty Segments, Press and Media Campaigns, Beauty Education, Women’s Expos, Corporate Events, Make-Over Events, Executive Summits, Sweepstakes Winners, TV/Film/Editorial and so much more.  From brilliant color services to red carpet looks, Billy Lowe and team have something for every occasion.

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Gloss & Toss Hair Care is a professional hair care brand developed by celebrity hair stylist Billy Lowe. It has been named one of the top hair care brands on the market today and the ease of shopping online has created "much-love" for the brand. Says Lowe, I wanted to create a brand that was based on my work in Hollywood, tried and true style ideas, and product usage."
Clients can order Gloss & Toss hair products by visiting glossandtoss.net or by visiting the Gloss & Toss section here on this website. Please note full product info may not be as detailed here, but clients and readers can enjoy the convenience of ordering professional hair products online here.

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