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Celebrity Hair Stylist, Hollywood Production, Consumer Products and Special Events.

Billy Lowe is a top celebrity hair stylist and nationally acclaimed health and beauty expert based in Los Angeles, CA. He is an elite talent lauded for creating extraordinary results behind the scenes of Hollywood and is named among the top industry experts today. He has been featured on top daytime talk shows and news segments including Hallmark's Home and Family and KCAL News at Noon Los Angeles, and you'll find Lowe's top health and beauty news and tips in your favorite magazines and websites from around the world.

A trusted and indispensable source in Hollywood, Lowe's portfolio has presented some of the most impressive opportunities including production assignments, celebrity press tours, industry education and speaking, consulting for global product and brand launch initiatives, coordinating consumer influencers, and appearing on national television to deliver industry news. These are only a few of Lowe's career milestones. His passion for his work and his focus on outcomes deliver Red Carpet results time and time again. So whether you're here for personal hair and beauty services, or perhaps you're coordinating a special event, or even if you have questions about the world of media and production, we're here to help.


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Dear Readers, Customers, Friends and Family:
I have been involved in the health and beauty industries for over 30 years and I have walked through some very trying times including 9/11, leadership changes, economic highs and lows, and now, yet another global event. During all these, I have worked to create a sense of what's comfortable and familiar and a sense of togetherness and belonging. I believe that beauty should be approachable and it is during these times that i realize the importance of this industry and experts in their field.

There are a number of ad campaigns using the word "alone" and tying that into a togetherness-effort to try to bring comfort and community. I'd like to express that you're not alone. My keyword has always been "available." So while the world waits on tiptoes to see what is next, I want to assure you that you are not alone. Stay involved, keep close to your normal routines as much as possible, and reach out. Read my post on staying connected during COVID19.

Customer Testimonials and Client Feedback

Billy Lowe is committed to delivering a true Red Carpet experience at each and every event. "It's not always hair and makeup," he says. "I've helped coordinate special events, direct response shoots, national sweepstakes prize campaigns, it has been a great journe." The Red Carpet is an expression, and it's an experience. In Hollywood, it's an anticipation. When is the last time you were given a Red Carpet experience or feeling?"

clarisonic opal product launch with Billy Lowe
"Clarisonic became a huge success because of people just like Billy Lowe. Very few have what it takes to cut through the media format and leave audiences with a resonant reaction! Billy Lowe, as we quickly learned, has just those skills!"

The Makers of Clarisonic

showtime production hair stylist billy lowe
"Billy Lowe made this shoot a blazing success! The actors never looked so great!"


billy lowe top beauty guest expert KCAL9 Los Angeles
"We always look forward to having Billy Lowe on air. The content is great and so are our ratings!"

KCAL News Los Angeles, CA

Cruelty Free International projects hair by billy lowe
"Billy always brings enthusiasm to the project and his passion is reflected in each event. It will be exciting to see what he does next."

Cruelty Free International.

The Red Carpet is wherever you put one!


People, Products, Possibilities

To his clients, Billy Lowe is a masterful creator, a knowledgeable and "on-trend" expert, and an approachable and friendly beauty resource. To production firms and creative agencies, Lowe brings quick and comprehensive insight, and creative solutions for brand and product awareness!

It is Lowe's commitment to the health and beauty industries and his overall "availability" that sets his work apart. Says Lowe, "I've always believed this industry should be more approachable! My goal has been to demystify the world of 'Hollywood beauty' to make products, tips and services more available."



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