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Hair cut, color and styling services for individual clients, Hollywood production, and special events.

Welcome to BillyLowe.com. If you're looking for brilliant hair cutting, coloring and styling services in Los Angeles, you've come to the right place.  Billy Lowe has been named among the top 30 hair stylists in the U.S., worked on 30+ episodes in reality makeover TV, coordinated a $10,000 makeover for a national sweepstakes winner in NYC and that's just the beginning. Please visit our services page for more details on menu options as well as our Contact Page to get in touch.
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Hollywood Hair Made Easy!

Get the "Lowe-Down" on hair styling and beauty with Billy Lowe including Healthy Hair for Summer, Back to School Beauty, The Ever-Popular Holiday Gift Guide and Gift Ideas, and more. Catch Billy Lowe appearances on the Hallmark Home and Family Show, KCAL News Los Angeles, and your favorite beauty reads everywhere.  In these segments, Lowe shares great tips on topics like The Perfect Hair Cut for your Face Shape and Styling Tips for Healthy Hair.

Billy Lowe is a featured regular on the hit Hallmark Home and Family ShowIn these segments Lowe discusses how to get a great hair cut based on your face shape, as well as a few summertime hair and beauty tips. Visit Lowe's Youtube Channel BillyLoweBeauty.  Follow Billy Lowe on Instagram @billylowe90210 and see the social links in the banner above.

Services for Beauty and Events in Los Angeles

When it comes to cut, color, special events, or even image workshops, Billy Lowe and team have just about seen it all.  Take a look at the services offered and use the contact page to get in touch.

Cut and Color
Billy Lowe has been named among the top hair stylists in the U.S. From brilliant cut and hair styling services to dimensional color results, you've come to the right place.
Hollywood Production
From Hollywood press tours to on-location events, Billy Lowe has provided hair styling services for Hollywood's hottest productions and A-List talent. We look forward to supporting your next event.
Train to be a Hollywood Hair Stylist
So you've asked yourself "How can I become a Hollywood Hair Stylist?" Now you can spend a day and experience "Life on Set" with celebrity hair stylist Billy Lowe and begin your journey toward Hollywood Hair Styling.
Gloss & Toss Hair Care
Gloss & Toss Hair Care has been praised time and time again for delivering Red Carpet Results. Customers love the products and the convenience of shopping online. Visit glossandtoss.net today to shop online.
Salon Education
Continuing education is a vital part of hair styling services. Whether you are seeking a career as a full time hair stylist or perhaps a journey into the corporate world, it's important to look at all the options. How can we help you?
Special Events
Special events, wedding planning, product launches, consumer response initiatives, whatever may be on your mind, we'd love to hear about it. Remember to plan ahead, think about your "realistic" head-count, rain-or-shine events, etc. We're here to help.