How to become a Celebrity Hair Stylist

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Learn how you can become a Hollywood or Celebrity Hair Stylist, and have a successful, creative career.

Working as a Hollywood or Celebrity Hair Stylist is the dream of many beauty and salon professionals. Perhaps you've always dreamed of working in the beauty industry. And you may have always dreamed of making it to Los Angeles someday. So What do you get when you put those two things together? An exciting and rewarding life working as a Hollywood Hair Stylist.

For many years, Billy Lowe has work behind the scenes of Hollywood as a leading hair stylist and beauty expert. His work has been fearued in Red carpet Ceremonies, television shows, commercials, public service announcements, informercials and more. In addition, he is a featured guest on hit daytime talk shows and news segments and he knows his way around Hollywood. If you're looking to navigate your way and learn more about working in Hollywood as a seasoned and trusted professional, let Billy Lowe show you the way. Here are Lowe's top tips for the topic. .
how to become a hollywood hair stylist w billy lowe Billy Lowe featured in MODERN SALON MAGAZINE on "How to Become a Celebrity Hair Stylist."

Begin your Hollywood career today!

"If you haven't already," says Lowe, "apply for or enroll in a Cosmetology program in your area. Production companies seek highly skilled (and licensed) experts for their projects and a state license (at the very least). Having a license proves credibility, shows that you are coachable and willing to learn, and establishes a very important "credit" to your portfolio. No matter where you are in your career path, continuing to learn, shape and polish your skills is vital to a long-lasting career.Becoming a Hollywood hair stylist or celebrity beauty expert can definitely be challenging and there is a lot to learn."

Learn Hollywood Production.

Quiet all around! Checking the gate! Last looks! These are all staple call-outs from a day on set. Do you know what any of these mean?

"Any role in Hollywood production is so much more than a "job description," says Lowe. "Hollywood production is a very "hands on" and "everyone's job" sort of environment. It is also a very relationsip oriented industry. Producers learn who the valuable players are and they keep them close at hand. EVERYONE is responsible for the daily shoot. It's not just about being a great hair stylist; it's about knowing your role and understanding the other roles on set and how they all work together. I like to call this 'Thinking Around the Corner.' As you journey into a career in Hollywood production, being a team player is vital to a lifelong career."

Working on set in Hollywood and around the world as a beauty professional.

GET READY! You're in for an exciting, yet challenging, career. No one knows this better than famed Hollywood beauty expert, Billy Lowe. He has literally been on thousands of sets in Hollywood and around the world, and continues to make guest appearances on hit reality shows, news segments, and other media sources.

Are you interested in a Hollywood career as a hair stylist, makeup artist or other beauty expert? If so, Billy Lowe is available for career consultations and tutorials one-on-one or in group settings. Visit out contact page or email for more detailed information.