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If you ask Billy Lowe what he does professionally, he might joke and say, "How much of 'everything' can I tell you about?" His work and his world are very complex, fast paced, and most details require immediate care. He has owned top-rated salons and beauty service businesses in Los Angeles, he is an on-air personality delivering industry and product news, he launched his own hair care brand Gloss & Toss, and he is an in-demand expert for Hollywood production and special events. But to Lowe, none of it feels like "work." He says, "When I go to work, it doesn't feel like a job or work; it feels like I'm the celebrity, or that I'm the special guest being celebrated. When I walk into a hotel or studio it's almost like there's a sigh of relief that I'm there. It definitely doesn't feel like work!"


Billy Lowe is a passionate and knowledgeable industry professional with 30 years of excellence. He has represented sales and marketing for global brands in major department stores, and eventually landed on the Red Carpet as a leading Hollywood beauty guru.

clarisonic opal launch with Billy Lowe
Billy Lowe helps the launch of the new Clarisonic Opal. Austin, TX..
eyelash extension trend Billy Lowe consultant
The modern day eyelash extension trend brought to the US with Billy Lowe as a category consultant and spokesman
Fur Free Fashion Hair Models Billy Lowe
Billy Lowe styles celebs and models for Fur Free Fashion Show and Born Free USA.
head to toe makeover NYC with Billy Lowe
A $10,000 makeover in NYC was coordinated by Billy Lowe and given to a national sweepstakes winner

  • Coordinating a $10,000 Makeover in NYC for a National Sweep[stakes Winner
  • Helping support the launch of Clarisonic products, nanely their second item, The Opal
  • Creating "The Look" for a Hennessy Tasting event at Paramount Studiios
  • Working the launch of a new LG Phone with a consumer influencer event at a sky-high Bel Air Mansion with singer Bruno Mars and special guest Paris Hilton.
  • Developing and pitching high-end retail products for major holiday performances on Broadway

Salon Appointments and Production Services

Hollywood Red Carpet event for Cruelty Free International Billy Lowe styles celebs and models for Fur Free Fashion Show and Born Free USA.

Billy Lowe believes that you don't have to be a celebrity to walk the Red Carpet. In fact, he says "The Red Carpet is wherever you put one!" From precisiom cuts to brilliant hair color, Billy Lowe is known as one of the top industry experts in Hollywood.


Billy Lowe knows how to engage consumers, build an event to promote interest, and has the press/media connectios to share the news.
  • Launch of Clarisonic Opal
  • Launch of modern day eyelash extension trend in US
  • Launch of a dermal filler through a national sweepstakes with MORE Magazine
If you're looking to create an exciting event or opportunity for your brand, or if you are thinking of launching a product and need consulting, contact Billy Lowe today.
"Billy Lowe is at the top of his games and it's clear why!'


From television to film, PSA's to consumer response, Billy Lowe has worked hundreds of sets whether he was overseeing beauty and grooming or coordinating crew talent to shoot an new infomercial. Billy Lowe knows the ins and outs of being on set and has the visual eye to make yours a great one. Send an email or contact us today by clicking here.