Salon and Spa Coaching

Salon and Spa Business Coaching

Grow your salon or spa beauty business! Increase client loyalty! Enhance the client experience!

Growing your salon and day spa business takes time, patience, and discipline. Working with a trusted salon coach or mentor can be extremely helpful and time saving. Doing so has helped countless salons and spas grow their beauty businesses, increase sales and customer loyalty, drive profits and encourage team spirit.

Like many professionals in any industry, it is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day business dealings and we often forget to focus our attention on what our business is meant to do. Your business is meant to be profitable, and it is meant to prosper you and others. Have you lost sight of that? Have you lost interest? Have you often felt weighed down by the ins and outs of the day that you don't even know where you would find time for salon or spa coaching? Then these opportunities are definitely for you!

Who needs a salon coach and what do they do?

It's not just about understanding your business numbers when running a salon or spa business (or any other small business for that matter). Business mastery takes time and dedication. A salon coach or mentor will help to:

  • Understand the language of your business or your brand
  • Effectively communicate your business or brand goals to your team and more readily gain their "buy-in"
  • Be a better communicator (that includes listening)
  • Set and achieve sales goals and objectives
  • Increase client loyalty through enhancing their experience
  • Reduce employee/staff turnover
  • and more.

Salon and spa coaching as well as basic business training help provide an understanding of running a daily business, creative ways to engage and outreach, team building, and so much more. But if all we know is all we know, then we aren't able to know (or experience) anything more.

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Why work with Billy Lowe for your beauty business?

Billy Lowe understands what it takes to dream a business, to deliver a business and to drive a business and a brand. He is a leading health, beauty and lifestyles expert whose career spans over 3 decades of excellence. His career as a Hollywood beauty expert and on-air personality helps light the stage for your business growth from someone who has truly "been there - done that!"

A few of his accolades include helping launch the Clarisonic product line, bringing the modern eyelash extension trend to the US in 2005-2007, working on over 30 epipsodes of TLC Discovery's hit reality show 10 YEARS YOUNGER, and of course life on the red carpet and on-air as a leading beauty icon and expert. Lowe believes you can roll out the red carpet for your clients no matter where you are and no matter your industry.