About Billy Lowe

Billy Lowe is an elite talent responsible for creating extraordinary beauty behind the scenes of Hollywood. From precision cuts to brilliant color services, he has been named among the top hair professionals today. Lowe's "better than natural" blonding services have been hailed as the best blonding services and clients love booking Lowe and team for special events, life's celebrations, on location events and more.

A native of Georgia, Lowe completed undergradate studies by earning a B.A. in Education and began his career in health and beauty immediately following graduation. He has provided top hair salon and beauty services for Los Angeles communities including Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and other surrounding areas.

In addition to life on the red carpet he has managed global beauty brands and major retail accounts to success. He has also helped launch some of the finest products and brands of our time. Without a doubt, Billy Lowe knows the world of health and beauty through and through. You can trust your beauty experience in the hands of an industry expert who has provided only the best in services to all of Hollywood for many years.


Hollywood Beauty and Red Carpet Events!

From Hollywood production studios to sweepstakes winners in New York, even private clients on location, Billy Lowe and team have provided the most ex traordinary resources for all things health and beauty. In fact, Lowe is one of Hollywood's most trusted experts when it comes to celebrity media tours, press campaigns, on-location shoots and more. It's no wonder individual clients appreciate time and services spent with Lowe whether it's their own image and beauty appointments, or perhaps a gift for someone else.

So whether you're looking for services for yourself or perhaps a special event, there's something for everyone. Billy has provided beauty services for national sweepstakes winners, product launches, private clients, and many others.

Product launch, Consumer Influence and Corporate events

No matter the event and no matter the season, Billy Lowe and team have a creative way of tying beauty into your engagements. Says Lowe, "I've never been to any event where beauty wasn't needed! Corporate headshots, product launches, speaking events, training sessions, there is always a need for hair, makeup and wardrobe! I've been to so many events where there are photos being taken and someone is asking 'How's my hair?' Of course, I always step in!"

So whether you are booking a corporate event, a product launch, or perhaps executive photo shoots, Lowe believes that hair and makeup are absolute necessities that most people overlook when booking their events.

Hollywood Beauty News!

Billy Lowe doesn't just talk about beauty or beauty news, he creates it. You'll find many of his tips and techniques on your favorite daytime talk shows, news segments, and other media sources around the world. Lowe has been featured on hit daytime talk shows like HALLMARK HOME & FAMILY, TLC/DISCOVERY 10 YEARS YOUNGER, KCAL NEWS AT NOON LOS ANGELES, MARTHA STEWART LIVING, and countless others. And if you have a question yourself, we would like to hear from you! Feel free to drop us a line by visiting out CONTACT page here on this site.

Gloss & Toss Professional Hair Care Products

Gloss & Toss Professional Hair Care Products were created and developed by Hollywood Hair Stylist Billy Lowe. He says 'I always Thought of having my own professional line of products someday but I never knew it would happen this way. I was styling hair backstage and crew members were asking if I would ever launch my own brand of products with everything I had done. I jokingly said 'Sure. I'd probably start with a single product like a shine serum; something that clients apply to make hair shiny. And of course they'd toss their hair around because it would look so great, but I don't even know what I would call it." It was as if everyone saw it but I. 'You just named it yourself.' Said one of the back-stage producers. 'It's Gloss & Toss.'"

From there the brand was born and so were other great products and many adoring fans. Billy Lowe was able to take years of retail excellence, and wrap that up with Hollywood Red Carpet experience, and bring the best of both worlds together to release only the most ideal products to best represent his professional hair care brand Gloss & Toss. See for yourself what the "Glossy Craze" is about by visiting GLOSSANDTOSS.NET.