Billy Lowe - Celebrity Hair Stylist, Los Angeles

Celebrity hair stylist Billy Lowe takes a moment to refresh hair on set
Billy Lowe is an elite talent responsible for creating extraordinary beauty behind the scenes of Hollywood. He has been named among the best hairstylists and beauty experts today, and has been featured, quoted, and published in countless media sources around the world for his work in the beauty industry. Billy Lowe has a passion for all things beauty. Growing up in the south, he remembers dreams of a career in the world of beauty from a very young age. He trained in classical piano performance, ranking third and fourth in the state of Georgia at 15 and 17 years of age and continued piano studies throughout his college career although majoring in education.

In addition to working with clients one-on-one for hair cutting or coloring services, Lowe has appeared on countless news segments, reality shows, and popular daytime talk shows including The Hallmark Home and Family Show, TLC's 10 Years Younger, KCAL News at Noon Los Angeles and many others.  He is called upon year after year to provide ideas on seasonal hair tips, trends, and how to's, and is a mentor for many beauty professionals seeking to sharpen their skills or new-comers to the industry who might be seeking a career in Hollywood.

Career Highlights

  • Celebrating 30 years in health and beauty
  • Named among US TOP 30 HAIR STYLISTS in 2008 by Salon Sophisticates
  • Named "BEST OF "  for hair stylists/salons in Los Angeles by LA Confidential Magazine
  • Worked on 30+ episodes of reality makeover TV
  • Helped bring the eyelash extension "craze" to the US (2006-2009 efforts

Billy Lowe celebrates Oscars w/ crew of Contiki
People often ask me what it's like to to work as a Hollywood Hair Stylist or what "life on set" is like.  I honestly don't know.  I get up, I get dressed, and I go to work just like most people do.  It's not as glamorous as most people think.  There are many days "on location" where call times can be 4 or 5am.  There are many "remotes" that are acres and acres of nothing and our work areas are tents or utility buildings.  Hollywood has been good to me and it has provided a wealth of opportunities beyond anything I could have imagined.  I look forward to sharing these experiences with many of you out there looking to enter (or further) a career in the world of beauty.  To all of you, from all of me - THANK YOU. 

"Our experience has been nothing short of brilliant! Billy's passion for beauty is infectious and no doubt led to increased sales for our clients!"  MANNING, SELVAGE & LEE WORLDWIDE

"Clarisonic became a great success due to the passion and capabilities of people like Billy Lowe. Only a small fraction of people have the skills to punch through the media format and to create a resonant reaction in the audience. Billy Lowe, as we quickly appreciated, has just those skills."  THE MAKERS OF CLARISONIC

"Billy Lowe is at the top of his game and it's clear why!"    US WEEKLY

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