Professional Shampoo and Conditioner by Gloss & Toss

Professional Hair Care Shampoo & Conditioner Set by Gloss & Toss

Gloss & Toss Professional Hair Care has one of the best (I believe) shampoo and conditioner sets that gives luxurious results as well as strength and shine. The Daily Nourish Duo by Gloss & Toss is a concentrated shampoo and conditioner formula that helps impart strength, shine and manageability to hair while protecting against thermal styling and environmental damage.

Available online at (and soon to come other locations).

What it is: 

Luxurious shampoo and conditioning set for all hair types. A concentrated formula with Keratin, Silk Amino Acids, Coconut and Sage to keep hair and scalp healthy and strong.

Who it's for: 

We recommend it for all hair types yet since it is a concentrated formula

More news to come