Mayim Bialik Cruelty Free International

Mayim Bialik joins Cruelty Free International

Mayim Bialik joins Cruelty Free International, hair by Billy Lowe
Mayim Bialik joints are cruelty free international USA to promote cruelty free cosmetics and beauty manufacturing. Cruelty free international is a global organization dedicated to safety and protection of animals and the prevention of unnecessary animal testing in cosmetics manufacturing. 

Celebrity hairstylist Billy Lowe was chosen to style hair for Mayim Bialik. The perfect choice one might say since Low has his own professional hair care product line called Gloss & Toss which is committed to no animal testing and cruelty free manufacturing.

Lowe says "I've been in and around the beauty and cosmetics industries for 30 years. I have worked for the best and the finest brands in the world and I personally believe that animal testing is archaic and unnecessary. I've seen videos that people should not see of testing procedures being done that are absolutely unnecessary. I am proud to own a professional hair care line today called Gloss & Toss®, and you better believe we support cruelty free efforts and we do not test on animals. "

 Billy Lowe is a featured hairstylist in Los Angeles specializing in cut and color services as well as Hollywood hairstyling services for press and media print and other production services You can learn more about Billy Lowe by visiting the about page here on his website, and learn more about Gloss & Toss by visiting Gloss &