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Salon and Spa Mastermind Group

Salon and Spa Mastermind Discovery Sessions Support Growing your Business.

Grow your salon or spa business with Billy Lowe, National Beauty Expert
Mastermind Groups help support business growth, emerging ideas, collaborative efforts and outcome based learning.  Plus, they're fun!

Our next 6 month Mastermind Discovery Group begins June 1, 2018.  

Make more money
Manage time wisely
Learn to trust your team
Enhance customer loyalty
Plan for 2019 

and so much more.  These Mastermind Group Discovery Programs with Billy Lowe are part of Lowe's educational opportunities, providing the best in sales, services and experiences both from the corporate setting, life on the red carpet, and on-camera and on-air exposure.

Benefits:   Members of these groups carry with them a sense of confidence in decision making, and have found their businesses earning more and recognizing stronger client loyalty and retail programs. Not to mention, team building is strengthened ultimately leading to a more effective (and desirable) work and creative environment.

Billy Lowe has a B.A. in Education and is a nationally recognized beauty expert. He has been in health and beauty leadership for 25+ years and has combined the best of his experiences to bring clients a practical and meaningful opportunity to learn, connect and engage.

Your 6 Month Program Tuition includes: 
  • Two  1-hour mastermind video conferences with Billy Lowe. First and Third Mondays of every month.
  • Worksheets and guided information to help you with your daily business
  • Year-end goal setting/getting program to prepare you for 2019 sales/service objectives
  • Buddy systems to track progress and provide accountability
  • Team leaders that help answer questions to keep all students on track and on target*

*Team leaders have been through this program or are advanced in their business tracking, and participate in supporting new members enrolled.

To sign up or for more information please call today:     310-430-4045