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Sales & Marketing for Global Health/Beauty Brands!

Billy Lowe is a leading beauty expert and has helped launch some of the greatest products of our time. He is the founder of Gloss & Toss Hair Care.

Hollywood hair styling and special events with beauty expert Billy Lowe.

Hollywood Beauty & Event Services!

Billy Lowe has worked on some of the greatest sets in Hollywood and continues to see clients for cut/color, makeover events, consumer interest and head-to-toe beauty!

Celebrity Beauty Expert, Speaker, Host, Billy Lowe

On-Air, On-The-Pulse of Beauty!

Billy Lowe has been featured, quoted & published in countless media sources around the world for beauty leadership and for his brand Gloss & Toss® Professional Hair Care. Take a peek here.

Salon Coaching, Public Speaking and Beauty Education with Billy Lowe

Salon Coaching and Beauty Education!

Billy Lowe is a leader in sales and marketing for today's hottest brands and works with salons and spas everywhere to provide educational opportunities to enhance business opportunities.

Celebrity Hair Stylist Billy Lowe; Los Angeles

National Beauty Expert - Founder of Gloss & Toss Hair Care

Billy Lowe is a featured regular on the hit Hallmark Home and Family Show.  In this segment Lowe
discusses the best hair cut for your face shape. See more on Lowe's Youtube Channel BillyLoweBeauty.

Red Carpet Beauty, Hollywood makeovers, hair cut and color services and a passion for his work, celebrity hair stylist Billy Lowe (and team) has just about seen it all.  

Celebrity Hair Stylist & Founder of Red Carpet Hair Care Gloss & Toss Billy Lowe; Best of Beauty
A native of Macon, Georgia, Lowe began his career in the health and beauty retail world as many seasoned professionals do. His career expanded into sales and marketing leadership and ultimately life in Hollywood as a top hair stylist and on-air beauty personality.  Lowe began appearing on reality shows, news segments and daytime talk shows (Hallmark Home and Family, KCAL News at Noon, TLC 10 Years Younger and others), sharing red carpet hair tips and other beauty news for viewing audiences everywhere.

In addition to life on the red carpet as a top hair stylist in Hollywood, he has owned his own salon business for nearly 20 years where he sees clients one-on-one and by appointment for cut, color, and hair styling services. He has been named among the best colorists in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills and loves the color process.

Billy Lowe has contributed to some of the greatest beauty product launches of our time.  Year after year he is called upon by ad agencies and media sources for product tips, event strategies, consumer engagement and more for upcoming product launches or campaigns.   These milestones have successfully contributed to the launch of Lowe's own hair care brand Gloss & Toss®  (glossandtoss.net).  

Los Angeles is definitely the beauty capital when it comes to Red Carpet hair, best of beauty must haves, makeup and wardrobe. Awards season and other special events draw many-an-eye to fashion magazines, cover pages, and "who said it" features when it comes to celebrity beauty and how to get the look. We've called Los Angeles "home" for many years and look forward to rolling out the red carpet for you.  So whether you live here or perhaps you're visiting for the first time, we look forward to hearing from you and sharing the world of beauty together

On Location Services

Customers around the world have enjoyed working with Billy Lowe for their hair cut and color services and he has been engaged by many clients for on-location and fly-in events including makeover events in New York as well as private clients at the prestigious Ballantyne Hotel in Charlotte, NC (pictured here). 

Client Testimonials

Our experience has been nothing short of brilliant!  Billy's passion for his work is contagious and no doubt led to increased sales for our clients.

We flew to Los Angeles to celebrate a birthday and scheduled a makeover weekend for my two daughters, my best friend and me!  We were treated to a weekend of cut and color, makeup services, and a little shopping from a great wardrobe stylist on Billy's team.  We had nowhere to go - but we felt amazing!  Thanks Billy.      Katie S; Denver, CO

Billy Lowe made this shoot a blazing success!  The actors never looked so great!"

Clarisonic became a great success due to the passion and capabilities of people like Billy Lowe.  He has an infectious personality that exudes integrity and shined in media appearance situations.  Only a small fraction of people have the skills to punch through the media format and create a resonant reaction in the audience.  Billy Lowe, as we quickly learned, has just those skills!  It is without any reservation that we give Billy Lowe a 5-star endorsement for beauty and media situations. -THE MAKERS OF CLARISONIC

Motivational Worksop - Think Around the Corner!

Plan ahead! Think Around the Corner Motivational Workshop

We can't always see around the corner.  This we know.  But I wonder if it's possible to think around the corner?  I bet it is.  In fact, deep down inside all of us is an ability on some level, I believe, to know when the wind is changing direction.  It's been called intuition, gut feeling, and even a 6th sense.

Let me ask you this:  I wonder what your experience was when you had that lightbulb moment when you said "I knew that was going to happen." I bet most of us have.  As a classically trained pianist, we are taught to read ahead, think ahead, and move ahead. I spent many of my teenage years planning for competitions on a big scale, and beginning my undergraduate studies as a piano performance major, with practice requiring 18 hours a week. When you're memorizing 20 pages of Hayden, you're definitely thinking ahead.

It was early 2000 when I was managing a large retail territory and we were the first generation, if you will, to face market dilution where clients came in to try their favorite products, and went home to shop online.  At every meeting we attended, there was this overwhelming sense of urgency and alarm over what was going on.  We had programs for our programs, and backups for our backups.  We had to have ideas ready for our stores at any given time and we were touching base daily (often hourly).  Add to that the writer's strike in Los Angeles a few years later, and of course 2008 and a year or two before or after and it was 10 years of total uncertainty.  And it still is somewhat.

So how do we anticipate what might be next? We often can't see what's coming and we often don't even know what hit us until it did so, and left.  But I believe that even though we can't SEE around the corner, we can "Think Around the Corner!"

So, what's a corner?  Go look it up in the dictionary.  I have my version (many in fact) and I think around them.  But if we "think" about this carefully, a corner can be a safety, it can be the unknown, or it can be an absolute calamity.  So let's break this down.

Clear.    We have to be clear about where we are, where we've been and where we're going.  We also have to be clear on who's with us (or not).

Open.  Yes, we have to be open. When we start agreeing more we reduce tension.  We can let go of fighting with how we thought something should be and we can see it for what it is, and we can do something about it, or not.  But we have to be open to accepting that whatever is going on is actually going on.  Then - we're in a position to make better decisions and accept new ones.

Ready and Responsive. Years ago I had my first big "credit" if you will and a good friend told me "Billy Lowe, you need a publicist right now, right this minute.  I do'n't mean tonight, I don't mean tomorrow morning I mean right now and right this minute."  I'm sure those are my words and not his but you get the idea.  We need to have ideas and systems in place for keeping ourselves out there, available, and approachable.

Network.     Now more than ever we must be networking.  And the people that aren't returning calls are missing the point.

Engaged.   We need to stay engaged in this fast moving world.  Wanna promote your brand?  Find out what's going on out there. Hire a trainer, a mentor or a coach.  Work with someone that's not just a numbers player, but someone that also knows how to tell your story and make an impact for you or with you. 2 + 2 is always going to equal 4.  But can your numbers person tell your story?

Remember.  Remember who you are, where you've been, and the experiences that brought you to where you are. Remember how things were when you were growing up and some of the differences today. Didn't you turn out ok?  I sure did.  I climbed trees and splashed in mud puddles.  I played piano and and listened to the crickets at  night.

I'll leave you with one thought.  Growing up, it wasn't always possible for us to have every meal together as a family. I'm the oldest of the children and I've had jobs ever since I can remember.  But one thing was certain; my dad insisted that we have our evening meal together and Sunday as well.  In8 addition to that, we held hand at the table every time we were together and dad gave thanks. No one left the table until everyone was done.  We were Clear, we were Open, we were Ready, we were Networking, we were Engaged, and today I Remember those years and I'm thankful for every one.

To book Billy Lowe for a Think Around the Corner Workshop or Event, please use our contact page to tell us a bit more about your company or direction.