Hair and Beauty Services for Hollywood Production, Red Carpet Events, Beauty Services, Salon Education and more.

Billy with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Chloe Bennett & Brett Dalton
Billy Lowe is a National Beauty Expert, Founder of Gloss & Toss Hair Products, and all around Beauty Pro.  Hair and beauty services in Los Angeles can be booked for individuals, Hollywood production, red carpet events, on location, corporate functions and more. 

Billy Lowe works with individual clients in Los Angeles (by appointment only), as well as on location events including individual appointments, corporate events, consumer influencers, production, and more.  He has worked with countless Hollywood A-Listers and has appeared on daytime talk shows, news segments and other media sources around the world for his work in Hollywood.  As you browse through the services below, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and we look forward to rolling out the red carpet for you whatever your beauty needs may be.

Booking a vacation or wedding package in Los Angeles and always wanted a "Hollywood Makeover?" Or perhaps you're visiting for summer vacation and would like to return home with a little Red Carpet glow, Lowe has worked on countless reality makeover shows and appears regularly on news segments and national talk shows sharing beauty tips and content with audiences nationwide.  

Hair and Beauty Services Los Angeles:

Hair and beauty services are available for cut, color, and hair styling for the following: Individual appointments, makeover events, bridal hair and makeup, product influencers, Hollywood production, and other related events.   

Lowe is named among the best in hair color and highlight results as well as dimensional blonding that makes the DIY box bend a knee. Don't do it yourself when it comes to hair color or hair styling services. The color correction fees are costly in time and dollars as well as the health of your hair. Schedule your hair appointment in Los Angeles with a trusted Red Carpet expert for gorgeous healthy results while maintaining the health and integrity of your hair. 

Beauty services for corporate events, Hollywood production, product launches, and more:

Schedule beauty services (AKA in Hollywood as "Vanity Services") for product launches, direct response, infomercials, national sweepstakes winners and even makeover fly-in events. Billy Lowe has been part of some of the greatest launches in health and beauty and has spoken to audiences nationwide on beauty education related topics, as well as self-esteem programs, corporate image and grooming programs, national sweepstakes events and more. 

He helped launch the look and "reveal" of a skincare product (dermal filler) where he coordinated a $10,000 makeover in New York for a National Sweepstakes winner on "Why Do You Need a Makeover?"  Lowe is still friends with the winner today. 

He was also part of Clarisonic launch events rolling out new products and messaging for professionals and consumers alike.  

If you have an event and you're not quite sure of a direction or a theme, we look forward to sharing ideas with you and ways to enhance the experience for your brand and for the consumer.

Previous clients include:  Hennessey Liquors, Clarisonic, Samsung, TLC 10 Years Younger, The Oscars, SAG Awards, Disney/ABC Family, LG Phones, Cruelty Free International, Born Free, $10,000 Makeover Sweepstakes Winner More Magazine, Hallmark Home and Family on-air appearances, KCAL News on-air appearances, and more.

On-Air, Hosting, Speaking Events, and Educational Workshops

Billy Lowe has been featured, quoted and published in countless magazines, news articles, daytime talk shows and other media sources around the world for his work as a leader in health and beauty, as well as sales and marketing leadership for top beauty brands. He has also conducted corporate seminars on Image and Grooming in the Workplace, Positive Self Esteem Programs, and even business leadership sessions for salons and spas nationwide.  

Gloss and Toss founder Billy Lowe sharing hair tips on the Hallmark Home and Family Show
Billy Lowe shares hair tips with the team of Hallmark's
Home and Family Show (weekdays at 10AM)
His work is perfect for individuals, groups, or larger events such as corporate retreats, national sweepstakes winners, image and grooming workshops, etc.   Please visit our contact page to provide more information about your production or special event.

If your organization is considering press or media coverage, there are many resources out there for you and we'd love to help shine a light.  Billy Lowe has extensive experience with "life on set" and on stage, and can help facilitate your media preparation.  While many trainers help perfect that perfect speech, only life on set (day in and day out) truly help desensitize anyone when it comes to stage fright or being "camera shy."  

Bridal Hair and Beauty Services:

Billy Lowe Bridal Hair and Makeup Services Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Southern California
Bridal Hair and Makeup Services are available in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California, as well as nationwide. Bridal coordinators and planners are encouraged to call ahead with information about your bridal hair care needs and wedding beauty planning.  We will forward you our preliminary questionnaire which will guide you through the stages of preparing for wedding day beauty.

Please ask us about our Complete Bridal Beauty Care Package. Includes: hair, make-up, photography and light food and drinks for the bridal dressing room or other dressing area needs. 

Gloss & Toss® Hair Products:

The best results in hair products and services when you shop online at Check out our Dry Shampoo, Detangle Brush, Sea Salt Spray and more.Gloss & Toss® Hair Products deliver the best in hair styling and hair care solutions including our fragrance free hair serum Shine, the ultimate Detangle Brush (more than its name), our Red Carpet Rescue Hair Styling Kit and Carrying Case, Dry Shampoo and more.  These hair care products are so loved for hair salon and beauty services that they are used behind the scenes of Hollywood on some of today's hottest productions including Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Hallmark Home and Family, How to Get Away with Murder, General Hospital, and countless others.  Get frizz free results and healthy hair that is worthy of the red carpet itself. Shop online at

Photography Services Los Angeles (including Bridal):

We are often asked for referrals to photographers in Los Angeles especially for special events, bridal photography, anniversaries or life events.  Photography services in Los Angeles have to be the best; it's Hollywood after all.  Photos for head shots, weddings, and special events couldn't be more beautiful thanks to our scenery and amazing weather conditions and if you're considering a California venue for your wedding, chances are you've got the weather on your side. 

We are pleased to include referrals for photography services in Southern California no matter what your needs may be.  Please provide more information about your project so we can refer to you.