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Billy Lowe appears on KCAL 9 Los Angeles frequently for health and beauth news

Media training and coaching are essential in preparing for your on-air day.

Billy Lowe has been featured and quoted in countless magazines, news articles, daytime talk shows, reality shows and other media sources around the world.  He a trusted source in the world of health and beauty and knows his stuff.  

Thinking about Press and Media exposure for your brand?  You're in the right place.  Billy Lowe has been featured, quoted and published in thousands of media sources around the world.  We're here to help. 

Each year awards season brings about much coverage and discussions on who's wearing what and how it was done.  From the SAG Awards to the Academy Awards, the world is tuned in when it comes to celebrity beauty.  In fact it is these beauty tips and ideas that are shared among media sources, bloggers, and other industry professionals when it comes to "how to" or "quick style tips."   We're here for those ideas and love sharing them with our viewing audiences from around the world.  If you're a writer or reporter, we welcome those inquiries and look forward to hearing from you.  

Media Training and Coaching Los Angeles.

Billy Lowe Media and Press training and coaching to prepare you for your on air appearance

If you are interested in Media Training, Press Coaching and Public Readiness, please email us with your information. Billy Lowe has been on hundreds of production sets, radio interviews and has appeared in countless print sources around the world for his work as a celebrity hair stylist and national media personality. 

Learn to: 
  • Think Clearly
  • Speak Concisely
  • Stay Engaged

"No one can prepare you for that feeling you get when being on stage."  says Lowe. "There are so many coaches and trainers out there that live in places other than Hollywood and have perhaps never been on a Hollywood set. They might prepare you for your presentation, but leave you almost helpless when it comes to navigating your way when your shining moment actually comes."

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