Billy Lowe has been featured and quoted in countless magazines, news articles, daytime talk shows, reality shows and other media sources around the world.  He a trusted source in the world of beauty and knows his stuff.  From concepts to color, products to promotions, Billy Lowe has just about seen it all.  

Hollywood hair, and Hollywood hair styling are often made a mystery.  Each year awards season brings about much coverage and discussions on who's wearing what and how it was done.  From the SAG Awards to the Academy Awards, the world is tuned in when it comes to beauty.  These beauty tips and ideas are often shared among media sources, bloggers, and other industry professionals when it comes to "how to" or "quick style tips."   We're here for those ideas and love sharing them with our viewing audiences from around the world.  If you're a writer or reporter, we welcome those inquiries and look forward to hearing from you.