Salon and Spa Coaching

Salon and Spa Coaching - to support business growth.

Growing your hair salon or day spa business requires discipline, coaching and training.

Growing your salon and day spa business takes time, patience, discipline and working with a trusted salon coach or mentor.

It's not just about understanding your business numbers when running a salon or spa business (or any other small business for that matter). Business mastery takes time and dedication.  It's an exercise and it needs to be practiced. How do athletes out-perform their own personal best? How do concert pianists memorize 20, 30, 40 pages of music? How to top sales professionals shine year after year in a retail setting? Through encouragement, support, and guidance.  

Salon and spa coaching as well as basic business training help provide an understanding of running a daily business, creative ways to engage and outreach, team building, and so much more. But if all we know is all we know, then we aren't able to know (or experience) anything more.

Billy Lowe is not only a national beauty expert, he is on the pulse of beauty media and product tips as well as the business of running a salon or day spa. You're looking for ways to grow or expand your business, perhaps, and Billy Lowe brings a wealth of knowledge and creative ideas to salon and spa coaching small business leadership, and the health and beauty industry altogether!

Billy Lowe has worked for 25+ years in sales and marketing for global health and beauty brands as well as landing on the red carpet as a leading beauty expert in Hollywood. His portfolio includes celebrity events, on-air appearances, salon ownership, salon and spa business education, client building, global product launches, brand consulting, and more.  If you're looking to take your business to the next level, Billy Lowe is the name to trust!

Billy Lowe speaks to MacComb Community College
for an event called Working in Hollywood

Salon and Spa Coaching - Personalized Experiences:

The world is changing and our industry is changing.  E-commerce and "Deal of the Day" programs have completely changed how consumers spend money and clients everywhere feel scattered when it comes to knowing or trusting a beauty professional for their routine needs.   
"I believe everyone needs a mentor, a guide, or someone to look up to and someone who will hold them accountable." Billy Lowe

Billy Lowe has a strong understanding of salon ownership and business building, especially in today's e-commerce driven market. He provides quality salon coaching discovery sessions with his clients to support their goals toward professional and personal growth.  We look forward to working with you. 

Billy Lowe believes a coach is someone who is:
  • Clear and Connected (often when we are not)
  • Organized 
  • Accountable to us, with us and for us
  • Caring
  • Honest with us when we can't be with ourselves

Program Options:

Mastermind Salon Coaching Group billylowe
Salon Mastermind Membership (6 month program):  $195 per month
A monthly salon/spa program initiative and a personal skype/video conference with Billy Lowe .  Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a great resource for business building for your salon and day-spa.  Accountability, resources, and more are all just a click away with this amazing membership resource. 

Programs start as little as $295 per month and there is something for everyone. 

Salon Business Starter:   
This is a 3 month basic salon program starter with a 1 hour phone conversation per month with Billy Lowe, and program worksheets to track your business day by day.  

Salon Partner Program: 
This program includes an initial discovery phone session with Billy Lowe to learn more about your business.  Weekly phone appointments with Lowe (half hour every week) focus on your daily business numbers, goal awareness, retail programs and more. 

Salon Mastery Immersion: 
This program includes information shared above as well as one "team skype session" with Billy Lowe (half hour) and program developments tailored to your salon, day-spa, or other small business to help grow and expand your business.  

Spend a Day with Billy Lowe: 
If you are a hair stylist or student interested in knowing more about working in Hollywood, this one is for you.  Life on set and everything in between. This is a fun and exciting day for any student (or lover of beauty) and anything can happen based on the days booked.  It might be Billy Lowe on camera or it might be Billy Lowe styling hair. You never know.  But we will schedule half day of studio time together, a delicious and healthy lunch together in Hollywood, and a little time for your portfolio building and "set bag" creation.   

Billy Lowe is also available for phone appointments based on availability.  Please contact us for more information.  

If you are a salon, spa, or other small business, we look forward to working with you and learning more about where you are in business growth and development, and we look forward to sharing our skills and experiences with you.

"The best athletes compete in the Olympics and who goes with them?  Their coach.  The athlete is focused on the sport, the performance, and the accuracy, perhaps.  The coach is there to monitor time, score and rank amongst other athletes. That would be too much for the athlete to focus on himself especially at an event such as the Olympics."  says Lowe.  "We all need a coach."

Media Training and and Preparation: 

Please see our Media Training Page on this site.