Salon Coaching and Education Including Business Coaching and Creative Workshops

Billy Lowe speaks to MacComb Community College
for an event called Working in Hollywood.

"If you can formulate hair color, you can master your salon business!"   Billy Lowe

Billy Lowe is not only a leading hair stylist in Hollywood, he has a B.A. in Secondary Education and has led sales and education for global health and beauty brands. He has a strong understanding of salon ownership and business building and provides quality salon coaching and consulting to help your beauty business growth.

"Most people think salon coaching classes are "calculator workshops!"  How boring would that be.  I bring a fun and creative approach to understanding our daily salon or spa business because "fun and creative" is why most of us chose this profession."  -Billy Lowe 

Is your salon having fun?  Is your team winning by working in your salon?  What are your business goals this year?  How do you measure that?  Do you even have a business goal?  What would you like to learn, do or know more about your business?

These are all important things to know if you want to have a meaningful career in the world of beauty (or any profession).  No matter how far you've come, or how far you've yet to go, "getting there" is where the passion and excitement is and salon coaching and business mentorship can play a vital role in your career opportunities.  Life's little discoveries and those "aha moments" are what make the very best in each of us.  So whether you're new to the world of beauty, or perhaps you're a salon owner looking to polish the edges and set some new standards, we look forward to working with you.

Billy Lowe has over 20 years in the world of health and beauty leadership from red carpet hair to retail management for today's top brands.  He has also helped launch some of the most impressive products and services of our time. These discovery sessions aren't boring calculator sessions - they are exciting and inspiring.  We look forward to working with you to continue or begin your work in the world of beauty.


Grow your salon business with salon coaching in person or virtually to strengthen your business and give clients a compelling reason to return
Do you enjoy "the business" of beauty?  If you own a salon, do your employees enjoy working with you and do they feel enriched through your leadership or community involvement?  How is your business doing this year (and what does that mean)?  How are your sales figures this year as compared to last year?

These are all very important considerations in owning a salon and in working as a beauty expert. We know many beauty professionals love the creative side but it's also important to understand the business side of beauty.  If you're a salon owner or an independent beauty expert and you'd like to know more about your business, or ways to expand what you're doing, we invite you to join us in an exciting program of business discovery tailored to your individual needs.  In addition to life on the red carpet, Billy Lowe has managed global health and beauty brands in the world of sales and marketing and delivers exciting and "results-oriented" coaching sessions whether you're a seasoned professional, or just starting out.

Can you answer these questions (not a guess - but accurately answer):

  • What is your 1, 3 and 5 year plan for your business?
  • What is your average service ticket (in dollars)?
  • What % is your business (up or down) compared to last year's numbers?
  • Where are you "percent to plan" this year?  
These are just a few of the business functions we will look at together on an ongoing basis and we look forward to working with you in your salon business and salon coaching program initiatives. 

Initial Discovery Session:      $350
Prerequisite to coaching.  This is a one-hour personal phone call with Billy Lowe that seeks to reveal where you've been, where you are now, and where you'd like to go.  We want to know more about your business and the goals and ideas you have and this session can help you shape your next steps.  Where are you this year versus last year?  Are you on track to make your goal this year?  Do you even have a goal?  Is your salon visible in the community?  Are you providing opportunities for your team to set your salon apart?   Many times it's a matter having clarity or reshaping what currently is to see things in a whole new light.  In this Discovery Session, you'll walk away with a CLEAR UNDERSTANDING of where you've been, where  you want to be, and pave the way for new opportunities with a mentorship or coaching program.

Monthly Salon Coaching:     $1,500/month - 3 month commitment
This program begins with a 3 month commitment and includes a weekly one hour phone session with Billy Lowe.  We'll take your Discovery Session information and identify and build toward your overall goals and objectives, break those down into measurable and achievable parts, and help you identify systems and solutions for getting there. We'll help shape new ideas and new focuses for your business and strengthen (or eliminate) the ones already in place.  You can't get to where you're going until you understand where you are now.  So if you want to understand your work in a whole new way, continued and routine coaching sessions are meant just for you.

Business Refresh:     $250
Once you've completed your Initial Discovery Session and a Monthly Salon Coaching Program (above), you're welcomed to take a one hour Business Refresh session with Billy Lowe to touch base, review, ask questions, and clear the runway.  Sometimes insight comes from taking a step back and seeing your business through a different set of lenses. Sometimes, we just need someone to talk to and some fresh insight.

Salon Small Talk:    $250
This is a half hour Skype Session with Billy Lowe and your team to motivate, encourage and inspire! Got a question? Billy has an answer.  Got a concern?  He believes in transparency.  These "safe sessions" are used to encourage effective communication, mindful listening to one another. They can be booked as a motivational session for your team, live Q&A, or a means to clear-the-clutter as you look to enhance your salon experience.

A day with Billy Lowe:       $1,500
This one-day experience and personal salon walk-through with Billy Lowe will give you a different perspective altogether.  Together with Lowe's corporate leadership experience and a personal visit to your salon we'll walk through every service, every station, the front desk, and your current salon systems.  Travel and hotel accommodations are to be provided by the salon if you are outside of the greater Los Angeles area.

Please note:  Initial Discovery Session is required before Monthly Salon Coaching program begins.
Skype sessions are also available for these coaching sessions.


Untangling the mysteries of hair color:    $750 (one day)
Still unsure what the basics of color really are? Did it takes you three times to apply toner and you still aren't quite sure what went wrong? Or perhaps your client is a first-time color process and you want more confidence on where to begin.  This is an in-depth and hands on workshop with Billy Lowe and can be booked one-on-one or in a group setting.  Students are encouraged to bring their coloring tools and supplies as well as a mannequin head for practical application.

What's in the bag:     $350  (half day)
Having the perfect hair kit is essential if you want to be a great hair stylist.  If you love shopping and you can't get enough of organizing your beauty essentials, the this is a fun half day workshop and a hands own experience with Billy Lowe.  This workshop can also be tailored to those interested in working as a hair stylist on set.

Spend a day on set with Billy Lowe:     $1,500
LIGHTS - CAMERA - ACTION!!!   Want to know what it's like to work as a Hollywood hair stylist?  This full-day experience will take you there.  Follow Billy Lowe and experience first-hand what it's like to spend a day on set including the hair & makeup trailer tours, experiencing life on set for a day, learning the language and "bedside manners" of being on set, and a great day of networking and learning the world of Hollywood Hair Dressing.