About Billy Lowe - Hollywood Hair Stylist & National Beauty Expert

Billy Lowe is a celebrity hair stylist based in Beverly Hills, CA and is the founder of Gloss & Toss Hair Products.
"Keep it simple! That's my take!"

-Billy Lowe

I'm Billy Lowe.
You might know me as a hair stylist in Hollywood, or the guy that launched Gloss & Toss Hair Products.  But here are a few fun facts that you might NOT know. I grew up in Georgia and trained in classical piano performance (that means I type really quickly). I completed my undergraduate studies in Education so yes, I do love teaching, and I've worked corporately in health and beauty for over 25 years.  I have been a part of some really amazing product launches and what a journey it's been.

I never imagined that a career in corporate retail would prepare me for the launch of my own brand but it certainly did (and very concretely).  All of those morning coaching calls and reaching out to my accounts, visiting stores daily and rolling up my sleeves, truly some great foundations.  And I must say life in Hollywood as a hair and beauty expert has been worth the journey as well.  

JUST FOR FUN: Billy Lowe - Age 15
3rd in the state of GA for Boys
Classical Piano Performance
Venue: Mercer Universitsy
So today I get to enjoy the best of all of those experiences in helping others whether it's coaching salons or day spas in their business practices or mentoring new professionals entering the world of health and beauty.  I enjoy speaking for organizations on employee training days, and have created some wonderful programs on a variety of topics.  

  • Image & Grooming in the workplace
  • Corporate training programs
  • Positive self esteem
  • Press and Media preparation
  • Building team spirit
and more.  

Oh! And a business tip.  Pick up the telephone!

This is Hollywood. When people are dialing out, they're looking for the person that picks up the phone or calls them back.  We're all 'busy' but save yourself some time (a lot of time in fact) and pick up the phone rather than having that 27 minute text chat.

Thanks again for stopping by.  We'll see you soon. 


"Our experience has been nothing short of brilliant! Billy's passion for beauty is infectious and no doubt led to increased sales for our clients!"  MANNING, SELVAGE & LEE WORLDWIDE
"Clarisonic became a great success due to the passion and capabilities of people like Billy Lowe. Only a small fraction of people have the skills to punch through the media format and to create a resonant reaction in the audience. Billy Lowe, as we quickly appreciated, has just those skills."  THE MAKERS OF CLARISONIC
"Billy's direction made this shoot a blazing success!  The actors never looked so great!"  SHOWTIME
"Billy Lowe is at the top of his game and it's clear why!"    US WEEKLY

Billy Lowe Health and Beauty Milestones:

The following features are snapshots of market experience and exposure.  For more information, please contact us using the CONTACT page.  . 

  • 2017 - July Hallmark Home & Family Show - Take your hair from Frizz to Fab
  • 2017 - February Gloss & Toss Detangle Brush chosen for OSCARS celebrity gifting events
  • 2017 - January Gloss & Toss Hair Care chosen for SAG AWARDS nominees for celebrity gifting suite
  • 2017 - Disney TCA -  Key Hair Stylist for 2017 Disney TCA's at Langham Pasadena

  • 2016 - Spring 2016 KCAL News at Noon Segment tips - on-air expert
  • 2016 - Hallmark Home & Family Show Guest Expert seasonal trend
  • 2016 - Gloss & Toss Hair and Scalp Healing Oil selected as a beauty best for stocking stuffer
  • 2016 - March - Key hair & makeup team for Marvel's Agents of Shield Satellite Tour
  • 2016 - Gloss and Toss chosen for 2016 SAG AWARDS gift bags for nominees
  • ​2016 - January - Featured on Hallmark Home and Family 


      (order and updates happening soon).......

      • 2000... Health and beauty leadership, consulting and events
      • 2004 - Launched private hair studio in Beverly Hills
      • 2005-2008 - Brand spokesman for Xtreme Lashes
      • 2006 - Key hair stylist for Hennessey Liquors product launch
      • 2007 - Featured in January issue Entrepreneur Magazine
      • 2007 - Key Hair Stylist & visionary for Born Free USA Fur Free Fashion Show
      • 2007 - 35 episodes of TLC 10 Years Younger
      • 2007 - Coordinated $10,000 makeover in NYC for Artes Medical product launch and brand strategy engagements
      • 2007 - Key Hair Stylist for Hennessey Liquors tasting event Paramount Studios
      • 2007 - Key Hair Stylist LG Phones new product launch
      • 2008-2011 - Served as brand spokesman for Clarisonic
      • 2009 - Featured in February issue of Entrepreneur Magazine
      • 2009 - Featured in Forbes Magazine November Issue
      • 2010 - Guest speaker at McComb Community College on Working in Hollywood
      • 2010 - Featured in New York Times
      • 2011 - Celebrity Hair Judge for "Best of the Bay Bridal Competition"
      • 2009 - 2010 - Numerous segments of KCAL News at Noon
      • 2013 - Megan & Liz Product Infomercial Shoot - Key Hair Stylist
      • 2014 - Key Hair stylist for Cruelty Free International PSA - Mayim Bialik
      • 2014 - Key Hair Stylist for Straight-N-Go Infomercial for Media Planet
      • 2014 - Key Hair Stylist for Milken Institute annual conference attendees
      • ​2014 - Key Hair Stylist for Golden Globe Attendees
      • 2014 - Key Hair Stylist Envysible Undergarments - Media Planet
      • 2014 - Hair Department Head -  Guthie Renker Infomercial - Media Planet
      • 2014 - Hair Department Head -  Poo Fume Infomercial - Media Planet
      • 2014 - Key Hair Stylist Sean Hayes Pilot
      • 2014 - Guest Appearance on Hallmark Home and Family Show
      • 2015 - Sponsored Mrs. United States Beauty Pageant Las Vegas, Nevada
      • 2015 - Key Hair Stylist for Disney Media Tours at the world famous Beverly Hilton Hotel
      • 2015 - Guest appearance/stylist at Ballantyne Hotel (Charlotte, NC) 
      • ​2015 - November - Featured in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine