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Billy Lowe - Hollywood Hair Stylist
National Beauty/Lifestyles Expert

Founder of Gloss & Toss Hair Products

Billy Lowe is a Georgia native, a classically trained pianist, and holds a B.A. in Education from Asbury University. He has a stellar track record in sales/marketing leadership for global health and beauty brands and works as a hair stylist in Hollywood as well as a consultant for a variety of companies and industries. Over the years he has become a press and media magnet, helping launch some of the most successful brands and the most successful products of our time. 

As a little boy, he always wanted to "do" hair but growing up in the 70's in rural Georgia and being the son of a minister, there didn't seem to be much encouragement for his interest in the world of beauty.  So, Lowe began piano studies and competed professionally for many years until entering the world of health and beauty after college. 

Over the years he developed a stellar track record in sales and marketing leadership for major retailers, as well as life on the red carpet as a leading hair stylist/colorist and media personality. Today Lowe continues his work as a Los Angeles hair stylist and beauty expert as well as a host and headline for trade shows, corporate events, experiential marketing, media campaigns, and more. He has been called upon year after year for leading ad agencies and PR firms to support product/brand launch initiatives as well as consumer engagement and rolled those experiences into the launch of his own hair care line called Gloss & Toss.  

"Clarisonic became a great success due to the passion and capabilities of people like Billy Lowe. Only a small fraction of people have the skills to punch through the media format and to create a resonant reaction in the audience. Billy Lowe, as we quickly appreciated, has just those skills!"  


So whether you're looking for hair services in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, or perhaps you're interested in salon or business coaching/consulting, we're sure there's an answer or an opportunity for you.  If press or media campaigns are of interest to you, look no further than someone who is on the pulse of the industry and knows how to "dial in."  

We look forward to hearing from you. 


Billy Lowe speaks to
McComb Community College
  • 2000-2004 - Retail Sales & Marketing leadership for global HBA brands
  • 2004 - Launched private hair studio in Beverly Hills
  • 2005-2008 - Brand spokesman for Xtreme Lashes
  • 2006 - Key hair stylist for Hennessey Liquors product launch
  • 2007 - Featured in January issue Entrepreneur Magazine
  • 2007 - Key Hair Stylist & visionary for Born Free USA Fur Free Fashion Show
  • 2007 - 35 episodes of TLC 10 Years Younger
  • 2007 - Coordinated $10,000 makeover in NYC for Artes Medical product launch and brand strategy engagements
  • 2007 - Key Hair Stylist for Hennessey Liquors tasting event Paramount Studios
  • 2007 - Key Hair Stylist LG Phones new product launch
  • 2008-2011 - Served as brand spokesman for Clarisonic
  • 2009 - Featured in February issue of Entrepreneur Magazine
  • 2009 - Featured in Forbes Magazine November Issue
  • 2010 - Guest speaker at McComb Community College on Working in Hollywood
  • 2010 - Featured in New York Times
  • 2011 - Celebrity Hair Judge for "Best of the Bay Bridal Competition"
  • 2009 - 2010 - Numerous segments of KCAL News at Noon
  • ​2012 - Wayne Brady Let's Make a Deal Prize Give aways (6 episodes)
  • 2013 - Megan & Liz Product Infomercial Shoot - Key Hair Stylist
  • 2013 - Launched Gloss & Toss Hair Care available at www.glossandtoss.net
  • 2014 - Key Hair stylist for Cruelty Free International PSA - Mayim Bialik
  • 2014 - Key Hair Stylist for Straight-N-Go Infomercial for Media Planet
  • 2014 - Key Hair Stylist for Leaping Bunny Amy Smart infomercial
  • 2014 - Key Hair Stylist for Milken Institute annual conference attendees
  • ​2014 - Key Hair Stylist for Golden Globe Attendees
  • 2014 - Key Hair Stylist for Disney TCA 2014 - Beverly Hilton Hotel
  • 2014 - Key Hair Stylist Envysible Undergarments - Media Planet
  • 2014 - Hair Department Head -  Guthie Renker Infomercial - Media Planet
  • 2014 - Hair Department Head -  Poo Fume Infomercial - Media Planet
  • 2014 - Key Hair Stylist Sean Hayes Pilot
  • 2014 - Hair Department Head - Hair - Envysible Undergarments - Media Planet
  • 2014 - Guest Appearance on Hallmark Home and Family Show
  • 2015 - Coordinated beauty makeover event with The Acorn and Beyond the Acorn Magazine, Conejo Valley's leading source for news and local events.
  • 2015 - Sponsored Mrs. United States Beauty Pageant Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 2015 - Guest appearances (ongoing) on the Hallmark Home and Family Show 
  • 2015 - Key Hair Stylist for Disney Media Tours at the world famous Beverly Hilton Hotel
  • 2015 - Guest appearance/stylist at Ballantyne Hotel (Charlotte, NC) 
  • ​2015 - November - Featured in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine
  • 2015 - Featured on WebMD on Hair Styles to make you look younger
  • ​2016 - January - Featured on Hallmark Home and Family 
  • 2016 - Gloss and Toss chosen for 2016 SAG AWARDS gift bags for nominees
  • 2016 - March - Key hair & makeup team for Marvel's Agents of Shield Satellite Tour
  • 2016 - Spring 2016 KCAL News at Noon Segment tips - on-air expert
  • 2016 - Hallmark Home & Family Show Guest Expert seasonal trend
  • 2016 - Gloss & Toss Hair and Scalp Healing Oil selected as a beauty best for stocking stuffers
  • 2017 - Disney TCA -  Key Hair Stylist for 2017 Disney TCA's at Langham Pasadena
  • ​2017 - January Gloss & Toss Hair Care chosen for SAG AWARDS nominees for celebrity gifting suite
  • 2017 - February Gloss & Toss Detangle Brush chosen for OSCARS celebrity gifting events
  • 2017 - Livestrong.com - Ways to take care of your hair
  • ​2017 - July Hallmark Home & Family Show - Take your hair from Frizz to Fab

"Our experience has been nothing short of brilliant! Billy's passion for beauty is infectious and no doubt led to increased sales for our clients!" 

"Billy's direction made this shoot a blazing success!  The actors never looked so great!"

"Billy lowe is at the top of his game and it's clear why!"