Beauty Education

Grow Your Salon Business

Growing your salon and day spa business takes time, patience, discipline and working with a trusted salon coach or mentor can be helpful. Doing so has helped countless salons and spas grow beauty business, increase sales and customers, drive profits and encourage team spirit.
It's not just about understanding your business numbers when running a salon or spa business (or any other small business for that matter). Business mastery takes time and dedication.  It's an exercise and it needs to be practiced. How do athletes out-perform their own personal best? How do concert pianists memorize 20, 30, 40 pages of music? How to top sales professionals shine year after year in a retail setting? Through encouragement, support, and guidance.

Salon and spa coaching as well as basic business training help provide an understanding of running a daily business, creative ways to engage and outreach, team building, and so much more. But if all we know is all we know, then we aren't able to know (or experience) anything more. Billy Lowe is not only a national beauty expert, he is on the pulse of beauty media and product tips as well as the business of running a salon or day spa. You're looking for ways to grow or expand your business, perhaps, and Billy Lowe brings a wealth of knowledge and creative ideas to salon and spa coaching small business leadership, and the health and beauty industry altogether.
Billy Lowe has worked for 25+ years in sales and marketing for global health and beauty brands as well as landing on the red carpet as a leading beauty expert in Hollywood. His portfolio includes celebrity events, on-air appearances, salon ownership, salon and spa business education, client building, global product launches, brand consulting, and more.  If you're looking to take your business to the next level, Billy Lowe is the name to trust!

Personalized Experience

Best hair cut color services Los Angeles

Train to be a Hollywood Hair Stylist - $850

  • Spend a day on set with Billy Lowe*
  • Learn Hollywood production essentials and "best practices"
  • Build-A-Kit overview
  • Marketing yourself as a Hollywood Hair Stylist or beauty expert
Hair color and highlights Los Angeles

Hair Color Education (1) - $495

  • Color theory made simple
  • Color formulation best tips
  • Making color work for you
  • Starting your color business
  • Beginning color correction theory

Grow your salon business

Salon Business (1)

  • Salon Business Basics
  • Understanding your business trends
  • Developing your annual marketing calendar
  • Facing "Deal of the Day" campaigns
  • Talent assessment