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Billy Lowe knows event planning and content creation. His portfolio has been amplified by the incomparable experiences in Hollywood where he has helped support global product launches, developed prize events for national sweepstakes winners, appeared on hit talk shows and news segments all while meeting the demands of his own "day-to-day" business.

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Weddings, special occasions, lifetime achievements, corporate appreciation days, family events, you name it. Billy Lowe has created some of the most exciting experiences throughout his career. From hilltop mansions in Hollywood to product launches at the Javitz Center in New York, even "Princess parties" and graduation events, we've just about seen it all.

Our process is simple. We want to know you. We want to know the things you love so we can bring more of that. If it's music and sound that's important to know. If it's visual or engagement, that's important to know as well. By understanding the best parts of you or your event objectives, we'll be able to bring out the best outcomes for all.


What would make your event the most meaningful to you?
What would make this event the most meaningful to the person being honored or celebrated?
Are there any conflicts in those first two questions?
What do you want people to say about this experience a year from now?

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