Train to become a Hollywood Hair Stylist

Learn how you can have a successful career as a Hollywood Hair Stylist

Perhaps you've always dreamed of working in the beauty industry. And you may have always dreamed of making it to Los Angeles someday. So What do you get when you put those two things together? An exciting and rewarding life working as a Hollywood Hair Stylist.

For many years, Billy Lowe has work behind the scenes of Hollywood as a leading hair stylist and beauty expert. His work has been fearued in Red carpet Ceremonies, television shows, commercials, public service announcements, informercials and more. In addition, he is a featured guest on hit daytime talk shows and news segments and he knows his way around Hollywood. If you're looking to navigate your way and learn more about working in Hollywood as a seasoned and trusted professional, let Billy Lowe show you the way.

Billy Lowe featured in MODERN SALON MAGAZINE on "How to Become a Celebrity Hair Stylist."

Start today!

If you haven't already, apply for or enroll in a Cosmetology program in your area. Production companies seek highly skilled (and licensed) experts for their projects. Billy Lowe has worked on hundreds of sets and appeared on countless news segments and talk shows sharing the world of beauty to audiences everywhere! He is a top beauty expert in Hollywood and a trusted name for all things beauty. No matter where you are in your journey toward beauty, you can always start today. Becoming a Hollywood hair stylist or celebrity beauty expert can definitely be challenging and there is a lot to learn. Billy Lowe is a leading expert in the world of Hollywood beauty and he has taught many students and interns the "Lowe Down" on how to begin working as a hair stylist, makeup artist, or other industry expert in the world of Hollywood. A few of Lowe's' top tips:

Learn the lingo

Quiet all around! Checking the gate! Last looks! These are all staple call-outs from a day on set and it's not just about being a great hair stylist, it's about knowing what your role is, and how you fit in. You'll learn these call-outs and many other "buzzwords" as well as important set info such as titles, roles, and the general order of a production day. You'll also learn valuable ways to market yourself and your business whether you live in Los Angeles or not. Hollywood is everywhere. Are you ready for it?

What's in the bag?

Billy Lowe teaches how to minimize your footprint on set. That means being effective, being well-groomed, and knowing how to maneuver around a very busy working area. Part of your day will consist of looking at your current working tools, how they're packed, and we'll take you to Hollywood's hottest location for buying and building your own "set bag. You can do this much more easily and more affordably than you think.

Life on Set

Always promise or guaranteed Getting on set for part of your training, we certainly do try. Billy Lowe has been on set hundreds of times and his connections Are deeper and wider than most other courses for Hollywood hair and makeup. In fact if you really want to experience a full day of being on sat Recommends doing a full day of background or extra work to immerse yourself in a full day of life on set. We can set you up with those connections as well.

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  • Current career analysis and goals assessment
  • Tips on how to grow your career
  • Hollywood talk
  • Minimizing your footprint
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  • Spend a day in Hollywood
  • $850
  • Spend a day with Billy Lowe in person- Lunch included
  • Learn to build your working kit
  • Understanding production titles, roles and more
  • Marketing yourself as a Hollywood hair stylist and beauty expert
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  • 1/2 Day Educational Workshop
  • $350
  • Half day educational session with Billy Lowe Lunch included
  • Learn to build your working kit
  • Understanding production titles, roles and more
  • Marketing yourself as a Hollywood hair stylist and beauty expert
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