Lying can make your hair fall out!

Can lying really make your hair fall out?  

Simply put, there's nothing beautiful about lying.  Even Judge Judy says "If you tell the truth, you don't have to have a good memory!"  But have you ever caught yourself in a little white lie?  And then all those pricklies down your back if you were caught? Or  even that blazing moment when the world stopped all at once, and began going backwards in slow motion, and you felt like you were standing in a frying pan?  That's called stress.  And those prickly frying pan feelings are there to tell you that lying doesn't feel good to anyone.  Not the person you lied to, and obviously not yourself.  But can lying actually make your hair fall out?

How to tell if someone's lyimg!

No I'm  not a Doctor, and I've never played one on TV.  But after having hundreds of people my chair through the years, I've gotten to know my customers and I've come to know their patterns. Some customers Are comfortable during their entire salon appointment . But some customers Get restless or become agitated Especially if they've been sitting for awhile. But here are a few of my Backstage beauty secrets on how I can sense when someone might not be telling  the whole truth.

1.  TWIRLING HAIR AND LEANING TO ONE SIDE.  Yes this is a classic tell all everything. When people start twirling there here we're leaning to one side , enjoying their chewing gum Rather rapidly They usually want to get the answer out of their mouth quicker than they can think about what they just said .   And it usually ends (or begins with) "Yeah, well,  you know....." Which leads me to tip number 2. 

2.  YEAH WELL YOU KNOW.  People that are uncomfortable speaking usually need a lead in word or two.  This is where the infamous "UM"    or   "SO"   came in as a lead in or interrupt.  Sometimes the sentence will end with "You know how it is!"

3.  THE TURN AROUND.  This is a big one and it's faster than a spin in a salon chair. I have found the people that are uncomfortable with themselves, are very capable of lying in order to take the spotlight off of themselves.  It doesn't matter if it's a good intention or a bad intention,  they just know they don't want to be in the spotlight and they may take any opportunity to shift the stage-lights elsewhere no matter who it is. 

4.  THE LITTLE WHITE LIE:  Have you ever been around someone that exaggerates quite a bit Or perhaps they have a fun sense of humor and they're always making everyone laugh.  This person, being the jovial one in the bunch, has most likely grown accustomed 2 joking or kidding around To the point that The truth might not be quite clear anymore.  They may not even realize the level of  untruthfulness that they bring on occasion because everything else is just a pun or a joke or for a laugh.