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Celebrity Hair Stylist, Hollywood Production, Consumer Products and Special Events.

Billy Lowe is an elite talent responsible for creating extraordinary results on and off the red carpet. He is considered one of the best beauty experts of our time and has helped launch some of the finest products on stands today. He began his career in Health and Beauty products driving sales and marketing for global retailers and landed on Hollywood's Red Carpet as a leading celebrity hair stylist and media personality. He's been named one of the best hair colorists in the beauty business, and is still called upon by countless ad agencies and event companies to consult or theme-style product launches, consumer influencers, Hollywood production and more.
For nearly three decades, Lowe has appeared on countless reality shows and news segments inlcuding TLC/Discovery 10 Years Younger, Hallmark Home and Family Show, KCAL News Los Angeles, Martha Stewart Radio, and many others. He has coordinated mega-hit makeovers in partnership with leading magazines for national sweepstakes winners, and helped launch Clarisonic's second hit product THE OPAL.
Billy Lowe, Hollywood celebrity hairstylist clients and credits

Red Carpet Beauty, Hollywood Hair Tips, and Professional Hair Care by Billy Lowe

Working as a Celebrity Hair Stylist and National Beauty Expert

People often ask me what it's like to work in Hollywood, or what it's like to be in the news or on-air. My response is usually the same. "I don't know." I tell them. "I get up, eat a bagel, walk my dog and fight morning rush-hour just like most people so I don't really think about that, I suppose."
I love what I do. I worked on over 30 episodes of a hit reality makeover show, I've helped bring some amazing products and trends to the forefront, I love my dog, and I'm crazy about chocolate. Other than that, I'm probably not unlike most people who are great at what they do. But what makes my world different? Over the past 30 years, I've come to believe that products, brands, and people should be approachable. I've worked hard to demystify the world of "Hollywood beauty" so that it's accessible, attainable (and approachable) to people everywhere. So whatever your needs are, I look forward to working with you. And if I can't do it, I'll figure it out!

Health, Beauty and Lifestyle Industry Contributions...

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Clarisonic Sonic Cleansing supported by Billy Lowe Events "Clarisonic became a huge success because of people just like Billy Lowe. Very few have what it takes to cut through the media format and to leave audiences with a resonant reaction. Billy Lowe, as we quickly discovered, has just those skills. We give him a 5-Star Rating."


Customer Testimonials and Client Feedback

"Our experience has been nothing short of brilliant!"

"Billy Lowe made this shoot a blazing success!"

"We always look forward to having you on air. The content is great and so are our ratings!"

"Billy always brings enthusiasm to the project and his passion is reflected in each event. It will be exciting to see what he does next."

Monica Engebretson, North America Campaign Manager Cruelty Free International.

Best Hair Care Solutions for Dry Hair

Systems and Solutions for Dry Hair by Gloss & Toss

Shop online for Gloss & Toss Hair Kit to help with dry hair
Do the words dry, itchy, flaky, tight or brittle sound familiar to you?  If so, chances are you've heard them or you've used them yourself to describe your hair or scalp concerns.

There are many causes for dry hair. People with this hair type usually complain of a tight feeling scalp, sometimes an itchy or flaky scalp area, dry brittle hair, and so on.  When the skin lacks moisture or hydration, it will most likely play out in hair care concerns. Dry hair can also be caused by age or hormonal changes, medications, weather conditions and of course chemical hair services. These are just a few examples of what may cause dry hair.

The solution? More nourishing and moisturizing elements for the hair and scalp.

Routine hair care is important for every hair type and many times customers experience a dominating concerned like dryness or even oily hair, tend to think that they should not shampoo as frequently or perhaps that they should pack on excessive moisture treatments and leave them on for days at a time. Not only is this incorrect, it can do more harm than good. Packing moisturizing treatments onto the hair or scalp area and leaving them on extensively can actually create damage it's self. Weighing the hair down with excess moisture treatments can cause a heavy and greasy effect for the hair and it can also cause breakage and further damage. The best solutions? Routine maintenance for your hair care, trusting your salon professional for your services, and if needed consulting your medical professional if necessary. Here are the top items from Gloss & Toss to support dry hair and scalp types and provide gorgeous healthy looking results. Please note we have two different packages offered and we have given suggestive hair care tips below.

Please make note of product legends at the bottom of each page for cross referencing other great products for your beauty ritual needs.

Hair Care D1 Package:   $99.95 (Save nearly $30)

This deluxe package includes key items for providing luxurious hair care for dry hair types. This package includes our signature hair serum, Shine.  Package D2 does not. 
  • Daily Nourish Duo Shampoo & Conditioning Set
  • Prep Leave In Treatment for Smoothing, Hydrating and Protecting Hair
  • Shine Hair Serum - for silky smooth blowdry results
  • Hair and Scalp Healing Oil - All natural oil treatment
  • Flex-Spray - Flexible styling hairspray with ProVitamin B5

Hair Care D2 Package:   $89.95 (Save nearly $20)

We created this package for dry hair type WITHOUT our signature hair Shine serum for those hair types that tend toward "limp and lifeless" in which case the Prep Leave-In Treatment is great on its own.  
  • Daily Nourish Duo Shampoo & Conditioning Set
  • Prep Leave In Treatment for Smoothing, Hydrating and Protecting Hair
  • Hair and Scalp Healing Oil - All natural oil treatment
  • Flex-Spray - Flexible styling hairspray with ProVitamin B5

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