Hollywood Hair is easier than you think!

Hollywood Hair Styling Tips:

So which hair type are you?  

The best hair care starts with finding someone to listen to your needs, understand the nature of your hair and your hair care patterns, and create a program that works best for you. With 25+ years in the health and beauty industries, Billy Lowe has a stellar portfolio of experiences from red carpet events, products launches, on-air appearances and the launch of his own hair care brand Gloss & Toss®. Gloss & Toss® hair products are available online by visiting glossandtoss.net and customers around the world love the convenience of ordering online. These products are also loved by many leading industry experts working on today's hottest sets.

Hollywood hair aside, Lowe confesses to enjoying time with his private clients as well as special events.  So whether you're looking for new hair color or highlights, a cut and style, or perhaps you're visiting Los Angeles or Beverly Hills and would like a little red carpet treatment for yourself or even a group of friends, visit our Services Page to find out more.

When it comes to the business side of things, Billy Lowe has supported some of the greatest product launches and events of our time. He has spoken at trade shows and events nationwide and has led many education and salon coaching programs. He has always been a teacher at heart and enjoys helping other salon owners and new hair stylists (as well as small business owners in other areas) build and enhance their salon business.  Growing a salon business takes time, patience, and years. In today's market, word of mouth is still the most powerful way to grow a salon business and clients are the best source of referrals. If you are a student or perhaps a salon owner interested in education or salon coaching, please visit our Education Page for more information as well. We look forward to working with you.

Customer Testimonials:

We flew to Los Angeles to celebrate a birthday and scheduled a makeover weekend for my two daughters, my best friend and me!  We were treated to a weekend of cut and color, makeup services, and a little shopping from a great wardrobe stylist on Billy's team.  We had nowhere to go - but we felt amazing!  Thanks Billy.

Billy Lowe made this shoot a blazing success!  The actors never looked so great!

Our experience has been nothing short of brilliant!  Billy's passion for his work is contagious and no doubt led to increased sales for our clients!

Clarisonic became a great success due to the passion and capabilities of people like Billy Lowe.  He has an infectious personality that exudes integrity and shined in media appearance situations.  Only a small fraction of people have the skills to punch through the media format and create a resonant reaction in the audience.  Billy Lowe, as we quickly learned, has just those skills!  It is without any reservation that we give Billy Lowe a 5-star endorsement for beauty and media situations.   -THE MAKERS OF CLARISONIC

Billy Lowe has been featured and quoted in countless media sources around the world for his work in health and beauty.